When making your plate, do you permit unrelated foods to touch?


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Sure. My wife would NEVER let one food touch the other. She was a weirdo.

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I don't make a fetish of it. They hit the plate in an appropriate place but if they want to hold hands on their way to my mouth, who am I to trample on their affection?

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Yin And Yang
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However it reminded me of a very touching and sad story long ago...... (WOW THAT was a round of emotions huh!?!??!) Anyways there was this witch of a mom (she don't deserve the title!) She had a boyfriend who told her he didn't want to have kids..... which she had two boys. So instead of dumping the creep she decided to strap those children in their car seats and run the vehicle into a river. She went home and told her lawyer boyfriend that she no longer had kids.... and of course cops were called and an investigation happened. They found the vehicle. The boys were inside. They were dead but holding hands together.
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Oh, yeah. You'd wonder how anybody could do such a thing to any child, much less their own.
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Agreed. 😐
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Not when they're unrelated

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I do not maintain a chart of civil law relations for food items, but with the exception of gravy, I like to restrain all items to their appropriate place on my plate.

They will have an opportunity to socialize later.

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