Have you eaten wild game before? Which is your favorite?


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I'm with Rooster.  Elk steaks and elk burgers are delicious!

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I grew up eating different kinds of wild game and I still do.

My favorite is venison. In my area that would be Whitetail Deer. I agree with Rooster on the backstraps, they are the best cuts on the deer.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I've enjoyed deer sausage quite often. I also loved gator though I don't think that counts as wild game.

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I went to a restaurant specialising in venison and, around the walls, they had the heads of deer looking down on the customers. Bad mistake. There was this big stag looking down at me with mournful eyes and when my meal was served he said, "You're not going to eat that are you?" And with shame I nodded my head. "But you're not going to enjoy it, are you?" And I didn't! (Never went back to that restaurant.)

But I've eaten rabbit, and kangaroo, and crocodile but haven't really felt like trying overland trout (picture below).

I love rabbit but almost all Australian rabbit is now diseased and inedible. Kangaroo is like beef but takes a bit more cooking. Crocodile is very bland and needs some herbs to give it flavour.

And now, this is what an overland trout looks like:

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Didge Doo
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Goannas can be cranky little buggers. Never heard of anybody being attacked by them, though.
Mountain  Man
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Didge, I would try almost anything at least once, but I'm guessing I would prefer a rainbow trout.
Didge Doo
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Much better idea, MM. :)
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My stepfather hunted so we had a lot of venison, rabbit, and squirrel. Before we left up north we had quail, and pheasant. One of the fellas I worked with said he brought in some bear for us to taste. Tasted like beef but, if I remember correctly, it had more fat...that was in the seventies.

Have tried goose and duck but I was real young and don't remember that other than one was real greasy. Hubs and I had tried bison several years ago.

I would have to say venison is my favorite...maybe because I had more of that.

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I've eaten rabbit and quail, both were delicious.

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Growing up, I had venison, rabbit, wild pheasant, and bear.  Didn't care much for the bear meat.

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Hello Janis! :). From my experience, bear tastes best when cooked over an open grill where the grease can escape.
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Janis Haskell
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Hi Mountain Man! I can see how that might help ... the meat these folks served was pretty greasy and gamey. :)

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