Do you still have any Christmas food? Cookies?


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The only Christmas goodie I have left is some ribbon candy. I'll finish that off in a week or two.

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Tinkerbell St. Basil
I LOVE ribbon candy. My kids make fun of me for eating it, but they get it for me every year. Yum!
Ancient Hippy
Ancient Hippy commented
Exactly the same here. My kids buy me a box every year as well as a bag of Wilbur Buds. They all hate both.
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No. The cookies didn't last long. My wife covered some in saran wrap and stored them in the oven and forgot they were in there when she preheated the oven. The smoke alarms were busy that day.

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I'm still muching on the last of the Danish peppernuts, little cookies, traditional. Pfeffernusser i think they're called in Germany.

The 5 un-eaten candycanes I crushed last week and folded them into a homemade vanilla icecream recipe (really good!)

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I still have Christmas candy. A lot of it was leftover stocking stuffers and hostess gifts. Not complaining.....😛

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Nope, did my usual ate everything by Dec 31 :) 

Join 4 gyms (new ins) and had been going now for 20 days. Going later today 🏋.

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