How many hours does it take for three dogs to starve like my two Chihuahuas, and my king Charles , how long ? Because every Sunday they don't get food until 5 or 6 pm


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Toni Pauze answered

I don't think they will starve. They may be hungry and ready for food.  Is this the only day they are feed late? Why can't you leave food out for them?

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PJ Stein answered

They won't starve, but some dogs get upset tummies if they go too long without food. (I have one of those dogs.) If you are leaving hours after breakfast and not getting home until later than their normal dinner, give them a snack before leaving. If you are gone for 10 or so hours that day, have someone come in a let them out to potty and to give them a snack. 

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They  may get hungry, but in a matter of hours, they won't starve .. Having said that , hunger is not the bigger issue. Water, is more of an issue for an animal being left for too hours on end ... So is potty breaks. Unless your dogs are provided a place to pee during the day, expecting them to go that many hours without relieving their bladders is just plain cruel.

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So, put some dry food out until you get home to feed them, or have someone come in and feed them. They won't starve, but they will be uncomfortably hollow until you show up to feed them. Owning a pet is not rocket science but it does cause you to think outside of you and your needs so that you think of them first, not last.

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Well, damn you, no wonder you're asking anonymously. You get those dogs fed, right now! Go on! Vamoose! Don't you be waiting til the p.m. Would you like to wait that long? Nuff said.

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