Have you ever had food poisoning? If so what food was the culprit?


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My mom got food poisoned from deli meat. 😕😔😝

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I got it real bad about 40 years ago. I was in the hospital for 3 days because I puked so much, I was dehydrated. The bad thing was that I had it as well as my wife and my sister. The three of us had to share one toilet. Luckily, I had quite a few buckets laying around.

We all got the food poisoning from lasagna that my mother in law made. I NEVER want to get that sick again!!!

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Not me but husband did from KFC. Never had it again and that was about 25 years ago.

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Potatoe salad. The hostess didn't refrigerate it. A hot summer's day party. Now I usually have a cast iron gut but hours later I was calling " Europe on the white phone" After that was the dry heaves. Sick as a dog the next day too.

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Bad shrimp. I haven't been back to any Red Lobster since.

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I was seriously concerned some 40 years ago that I had mushroom poisoning.  I looked it up in the Merck Manual and decided I didn't really want to know if I did because it was apparently almost invariably fatal.

It was eleven days before I was able to eat again.  Fortunately, I could drink water without any problem.

And for those wondering, I did in fact survive. 

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Yin And Yang
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I am so glad you survived!
Thank you for the info on the book! I use to LOVE to read stuff like that. I think I will download the app! ☺
Tom  Jackson
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That was back in the early 70's for me---i wonder what edition of that they are up to now.
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Mine was from Chinese food. When you get food poisoning, you just want to die due to all the vomiting going on. I'm pretty cautious about my food so it only happened to me one time. Some people will eat anything - not me!

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