Papa johns pizza or domino pizza?


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Toni Pauze answered

Well if I have to pick from those two choices..... It's Papa John's.

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Yin And Yang
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I bet you make delicious pizza my friend! 😊
How are you feeling?
Retiredkop Retiredkop
Not very good, still scared about possibly loosing my leg. It looks like a pack of dogs attacked it. I video it every time so all my Doc's can see the progress I made the mistake of showing one of your fellow cops who. Like me has seen every possible. He hurled right then and there. Sometimes I have a lot of hope, sometimes no so much. I still pray every night, lord not my will but thine
Yin And Yang
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Awe! 😔
Has the video changed since the one I saw?
You are so strong. This must be very trying and tiresome. 😔
I wish there was something more I could do besides pray for you.
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Ancient Hippy answered

I'm not a fan of either one.

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Yin And Yang
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It's cuz you make special home grown I mean baked... pizza yah.... lol!
Ancient Hippy
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Yep, I use that "special" oregano.
Yin And Yang
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Gotta make sure you have a side of chips to go with the oregano just in case eating the pizza gives you the munchies!
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Pizza Hut, Pepperoni Italian Sausage Cheese.

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Darik Majoren answered

I have tried Papa Johns pizza twice . . . Each time was a failure.

I might try again later.

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Levi F. answered

Domino's from those, but as far as chains go I prefer Little Caesar's or Sbarro.

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