Now that Summer is not far from us do any of you like to plant a garden or do you just buy your own vegetables from the grocery stores ? Also do you eat more vegetables in the Summer months or do you buy them all year around?


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Hi Darren. Thank you for your colorful example. I buy my vegetables from the grocery store. I don’t have a garden. I eat more fresh vegetables in the summertime. 🥗🌞🥗

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I really don't have enough space to grow vegetables, but we do have a "locally grown" produce section at our grocery store.  We're lucky enough to get all kinds of veggies year round, and we always eat a lot of them at our house.

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Hello Janis. Yeah i need to eat more vegetables they are good for you and help the body but lately haven't bought any. I like to get stuff to make a salad it's been so long since i bought stuff and really isn't much money. I think i will make a trip when i get chance here and get stuff for salad. Thanks for answering my question appreciate you sharing :) :)
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Sadly, the soil here on the coastline is poor for growing vegetables, very sandy. If that weren’t the case I’d love to have a veggie garden.

That said, winter isn’t much of a factor here (in Fla) so our diet essentially doesn’t change by season.

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No garden here but I love vegetables.

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4 or 5 potted yellow pear tomato plants on the deck is the extent of our gardening. 

In winter, veggies are bought at the grocery store. When in season, we buy them from an Amish family that grows and sells produce. In my opinion, their sweet corn is the best I've tasted. We will buy about 10 dozen ears , cook it on the fire pit, cut it off the cob and freeze it. We will eat some from the cob when it is cooked. 

We eat the same amount of vegetables year round.

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We usually put about 4 ears of cut corn to a freezer bag with a spoonful of margarine and freeze them. One bag is enough for a meal for two. It tastes just as good when it's warmed up.
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Hello Mountain Man. Thank you for your answer . Yes i want get into eating more healthy and add some vegetables to my diet.
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That sounds good M.M. 😃
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Well, I do not grow my own vegetables, though I would have
loved to. I guess that I do not have the time or the skills needed to tend to a
garden. I do have some potted herbs though. I try to buy vegetables all around
the year if they are not overly priced.

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Hi Taila . Thank you for your answer , well appreciated . Yes i live on the East Coast of the United States and we have Walmart but i do agree with you that vegetables can be overly priced and lot people can't afford them . I wish i knew someone who had garden who would at least give them to me at cheaper price.
Taila Nevado
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Maybe you can freeze some when they are not too expensive and use them later.
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Thanks for the tip well appreciated :)
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We use to have a large garden every year.  We grew enough vegetables that I was able to can or freeze enough to last all year. But, age caught up with us not able to do gardening now. So we get fresh vegetables from the farmers market.

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Hello Tiger. Thanks for sharing your story . Yes where i rent i can't make no garden so i got go to the grocery store to get them . I might try Aldis and see if they cheaper price vegetables not too sure about the farmers market.
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I've done container gardening for years. I detest kneeling and bending over to weed in a land plot garden.

Containers are waist high.  it's so much easier.

I tend to eat more veggies in the summer.

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Hello Refreshme. Thank you for sharing your answer :) Yeah i agree that bending over with knees is hard when you are gardening . My late paternal Grand-dad lived in the Country setting him and my Grandma would make a garden every year and plant all vegetables and my Grandma would can stuff.
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I'll most likely go to the grocery store to buy my vegetables this Summer , I want get some Zucchini and cucumbers , Lettuce to make a salad.

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