Is today your day? OIt is July 17th National Lottery Day, National Peach Ice Cream Day, National Tattoo Day, Wrong Way Corrigan Day, National Yellow Pig Day, World Emoji Day, and National Hot Dog Day.


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Interesting day. I'm in.

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PJ Stein answered

I'm in. I had to look up Yellow Pig day. It isn't so much about a pig as it is about the number 17. Seventeen is a permutable prime and supersingular prime number, and has a few other special mathematical properties.  In the 1960s a couple of Princeton students made a yellow pig with 17 toes and 17 teeth to bring attention to the number 17.

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Everything looks good so count me in.

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Willie B. good answered

Peach ice cream, tattoos, hot dogs yellow pigs and emoji, holy crap what a day, I'm him.

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Yin And Yang
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Soooooo let's see... We begin our day with Kahlua. Laugh. Then move on to a healthy lunch filled with fermented grapes and peach ice cream. Then grab ourselves a couple yellow pigs to join us for a wonderful night of hot dogs, beer and emoji tattoos!!!! πŸ˜„ Sounds good to me when you put it THAT way! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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This day looks good to me . Peach ice cream , Hotdogs are great too and i like using Emojis ..This sounds like a great day , count me in and Thank you for Question of the Day :)

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