What foods are good for losing weight?


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Fresh vegetables,  fish,  low carbs,  no soda pop, drink more water if you can buy Spring water that is better than hard City tap water

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A complete balanced diet is best,  along with moderate exercise. But 8f you are hungry between meals, snack on veggies. 

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In order to lose weight safely to one's health, it's better to eat less but more often. You should avoid junk food and add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. Don't forget to exercise regularly, it will boost the effect. Also, you can buy Xenical at Canadian Pharmacy to see the most effective result.

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just do your best to eat a clean diet, do your best to low sugar intake, try to limit any processed foods, exercise (half hour walk is fine enough), low-calorie snacks> vegetables, when eating out avoid things that are deep fried and buy things that are grilled or baked (if you eat at Wendy's for instance> buy a grilled chicken wrap and a baked potato rather than fries and crispy chicken wrap) or buy rotisserie chicken rather than deep fried chicken.. Do your best to make healthier choices while eating out and at home.

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