How Many Calories Are In A Burger King Burger Slider?


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I think better will be to check this info on their website. As I know there are special recipes for burgers which are available for vegetarians. You can order such meal in restaurant, cafe or prepare it by yourself. I also recommend to pay attention on different cuisines, there are so many cool dishes! For example my favorite is portuguese foods, you can order such products even online!

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Good question. BK's website has no info on them. I get them by the 6-pack. They are so good. Put White Castle to shame. I'm betting 120 calories per slider/no cheese. A Mcd's QP w/ cheese has 510 calories. W/ no cheese (2 slices) I guesstimate 370 calories. The slider being roughly 1/3 of a QP, I come up w/ 120ish calories per BK slider.

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