Can You Eat Pizza With Braces On?


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abby answered
Yes, but no crust. And if it hurts to bite it, you can cut it up and eat it with a fork. (Really, that's what I did when I had pizza the day I got my braces)
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Yes you can, I have braces and I eat pizza often but biting may be a little messy so try cutting it when you are EATING OUT....but at home...  MUNCH DOWN!!!! :)
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denise hester answered
Yes but all way's floss, and brush daily
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Yes, you can absolutely eat pizza with braces. I know this because I have two friends, one girl and one boy. The girl has a retainer, and the boy has braces. They eat pizza.
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Of course. You can get pizza enough in to your mouth so they won't even touch your braces.

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