I Need To Drink 32oz Of Water How Many .5L Bottled Waters Is That?


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In one liter there are 31.2 (UK) ounces.  If that is the oz. Measure you are using, drink just slightly over 1 liter per day of water, (so just slightly more than two half-liter bottles of water).

If you're using US ounces as the measure, 1 liter is equal to 33.8 ounces, so drink just slightly under 2 half-liter bottles per day.
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One glass of water is roughly equal to 8 oz. Therefore, it means that you need 4 glasses of water in a day:

32/8 = 4

Now, four glasses make up a liter of water. You have half liter bottles. Therefore, you would need 2 half liter bottles.

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