Is It Safe To Eat Eggs After The Expiration Date?


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The way that you can tell if a egg is still good.put water in a deep bowl place one egg at a time in the water if the egg float to the top of the water the egg is rotten. If the egg stays at the bottom and one end floats the egg is good. And if the egg stays at the bottom on it side it is good
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It's not safe for the eggs!

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It is interesting, I agree. I seem to remember a discussion at college that centered around how "alive" an egg actually is.
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Since a chicken egg cannot be fertilized after it is laid, I probably would have voted "no."

On the other hand, an "egg" (such as with fish and various other species) the egg is designed to be fertilized after it is expelled from the body.

At my age I no long lose sleep over such questions---lol
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If it's not rotten? Eat it.

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