What Is Meant By MSA In Quality Assurance?


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Quality is the most important thing and is defined as 'standards of requirements'. Before purchasing any product we always see the quality of that product and if the quality is satisfying our requirements about the product then only we purchase that product.

Quality assurance is the activity that provides assurance about the quality of product. It includes all the activities starting from designing of the product to servicing of the product.

MSA in quality assurance is the name of 'Meat Standards Australia' Grading Service that provides assurance about the quality of meat such as beef and sheep meat.

MSA is a beef and sheepmeat eating grading system that puts labels on beef and sheepmeat with guaranteed grade so that whenever people buy these meats they are assured about the quality of the product.

From hygienic point of view, the grade provided by MSA service is very important and reliable. Thus we can say that MSA satisfies the customer's requirements about the meat.

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