How Long Should I Wait To Drink Alcohol After Taking Vyvanse?


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You should wait at least twenty four hours after taking Vyvanse before you consume alcohol.

Some sources say that it could be safe to drink after twelve hours, but usually the drug has not been completely broken down by the body until at least a day after it is taken.

How long after taking Vyvanse can I drink alcohol?

If Vyvanse is taken with alcohol then this can cause a number of negative effects on the body;

  • Liver failure: Vyvanse is an amphetamine medication, and if it is mixed with alcohol it can cause the liver to fail. Although this is rare, it is a possibility and anyone who suffers liver failure will have to undergo an emergency liver transplant in order to live.
  • Cardiovascular damage: If you already have some sort of heart defect or problem then alcohol and Vyvanse should be avoided at all costs. If you don't have a heart condition, but have taken these two together, then your chances of developing a cardiovascular problem is greatly increased.
  • Tolerance levels: If you take Vyvanse and drink alcohol together your tolerance to alcohol will be vastly diminished. Black outs can occur as well as other alcohol related problems.
All in all it is unsafe to consume any amount of alcohol within a day of takin Vyvanse. The side effects are dangerous and unpredictable, making it even more difficult to treat if there are any medical problems.
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12 hours and it's 50% digested, 24 hours and it's 75%. It will take about a day before you can.

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