It Is Said That Grapefruit Scent Can Make A Middle Aged Woman Look Like Six Years Younger. Why Is That?


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Mark Westbrook answered
I would suggest to you that this is nonsense. Grapefruit scene could only make someone look younger if the person looking was affected by the grapefruit. I eat grapefruit for breakfast and no one looks any younger to me. Where do people make this stuff up from? Seriously, it's worrying! If this was the case, it would be very strange.

Vodka has the same effect on me, women become suddenly better looking. Only kidding, I'm sure this has something to do with the fresh smell or perhaps the grapefruit has some restorative features in its flesh or skin that are good for human skin too.

This was clearly invented to sell pink grapefruit cream from a particular company. Apparently, men thought women wearing pink grapefruit scent were six years younger, if this is true, it's either that the women dressed younger or that the smell of pink grapefruit does something to a man, a sort of sweet narcotic.

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