How To Make The Lemon Juice,vinegar And Cayenne Pepper Diet?


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Bill Burns answered
The question should ask: "How to make the lemon juice, vinegar and cayenne pepper concoction."  This is not a diet.  From what I have seen, this is a gimmick to put oneself on a very low carb diet that will drastically cut down on food intake.  Any weight loss experienced is from lack of food, not some magical property of these basic ingredients.

Can they provide a good tool to allow for a very low calorie diet? Maybe, but rest assured that they are not going into the body and burning fat and, further, that the very low calorie diet is not recommended by many who understand proper nutrition.
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Haven't heard of that one, but it sounds similar to the maple syrup diet.

I assume you mix all of the ingredients you mentioned into water though, otherwise you'd pickle your stomach.
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Sara Beth Jones answered
Equal parts lemon juice and vinegar as much cayenne as you can stand, and that's ALL you have for 3 days.  It's tough, but it works!

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