Can Anyone Tell Me How To Cut Seashells Using A Scroll Saw? What Blades Do You Use?


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I have just come cross your question, while looking for other things. I hope the following helps. Sea shells are fairly hard, or at least the shiny parts are, almost as hard as opal. So you are really looking at a lapidary problem. You really need a diamond saw blade. They are available for scroll saws in various grits. Rio Grande has them in their current tool catalogue on page 76.
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I would think you would need a water saw for such a delicate thing, and use a very fine blade. I hope this will help.
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You will need a diamond blade for your scroll saw. They can be obtained from Rio Grande page 76 of their tool catalogue.
Nahid Khan
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I think personally you should take a water saw for such a delicate thing, and used a very likely blade.i hope this is very help full for you.

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