What Foods To Eat To Bring Up Your White Blood Cell Count?


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Certain foods that will help raise your white blood cell count include salmon, eggs, romaine lettuce and oysters.

It is important that you have a sufficient amount of white blood cells because they protect and defend the body from disease and illness. White blood cells are crucial for the body as they work hard to heal your body once you become ill and fight off sickness in order to improve your immune system and prevent the illness from returning. Some people suffer from a lack of white blood cells because they have had to go through chemotherapy or have a chronic infection or disease.

Salmon will help your body fight off infection as it is high in protein and contains omega 3 fatty acids which will multiply the number of white blood cells you have. The majority of fish is very good for your health but salmon specifically will help improve your white blood cell count. In addition, adding eggs to your diet will improve your white blood cells as they contain a mineral called selenium, which increases the number of cells. Also, eggs are full of vitamin E and protein which will help to maintain a healthy immune system. All in all, eggs are considered the best food to boost your immune system.

Other foods you should consider adding to your diet are romaine lettuce and oysters. Lettuce is rich in vitamins including vitamin C, B and vitamin B1 and B2. This amount of vitamins, especially vitamin B will help maintain the normal bodily functions such as your immune system and metabolism.  With regards to oysters, the zinc it contains will help increase white blood cell activity and production. Of course it is a delicacy that is not eaten every day and they can be quite expensive but eating more of it will ensure a higher white blood cell count.
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