How Do You Dry Redcurrants?


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Red currants can be dried in the same way that many berries can.

The best way would be to get as many flat trays as you canand line them with baking paper.
Then get the berries, and remove any obvious stones, sticks or leaves and dry them off as much as you can.

The best way to do this, is to lay them on paper towel amd then pat dry with another piece.
Then spread them out on a baking sheet that you have already lined with paper.

Place them in a cool oven at about 150, and stir regularly - they need a long time to dry out. Don't turn up the heat to speed up the process, as they will burn and go crisp. Overnight or at least a couple of hours.

You can do the same process if you live in a very hot dry climate, in the sun, but this process is less reliable, as dew and rain can spoil it all.

Remember that commercially-dried ones will keep the bright colour. Yours will not, as they are naturally dried, and will darken.

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