I Turn Polar Bears White And I Will Make You Cry. I Make Guys Have To Pee And Girls Comb Their Hair. I Make Celebrities Look Stupid And Normal People Look Like Celebrities. I Turn Pancakes Brown And Make Your Champane Bubble. If You Sqeeze Me, I'll Pop. If You Look At Me, You'll Pop. Can You Guess The Riddle?


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This riddle is derived from a kids poem, here it is. The answer is time....

The time has come,
winter is here
and those yellow bears disappear.
(I turn polar bears white)

The time has past
as man looks back with a sigh
and a tear in his eye.
(I will make you cry)

As time is held
boys cross their legs
but of course the toilet begs
(I make guys have to pee)

As time marches on
Girls loose their blush
and swap a comb for their brush
(and girls comb their hair)

As time passes
For those held high
their end is nigh
(I make celebrities look stupid)

As time catches up
Everyone is equal
when we get to the final sequel
(and normal people look like celebrities)

As time turns
Without it we have flour and water
With it we have breakfast for my daughter
(I turn pancakes brown)

As time revolves
How does one turn water and wine
into something so fine
(and make your champagne bubble)

As time runs out
The more in a minute you try and squeeze
the less you can do with ease.
(If you squeeze me, I'll pop)

As time ticks
All the time that has past
man cannot comprehend something so vast.
(If you look at me, you'll pop)

And thats the answer to the riddle :)
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Pressure. Everyone says its not, but I'll explain:
I Turn Polar Bears White = The pressure in the poles is so low, it makes the bears white.

And I Will Make You Cry = Pressure from school, friends, exams can make you cry.

I Make Guys Have To Pee = The pressure in their bowels makes them need to pee.

And Girls Comb Their Hair = Pressure from their mates to look good.

I Make Celebrities Look Stupid = Pressure from the public to look good, they do stupid things that they think the public will like.

And Normal People Look Like Celebrities = Pressure from other people to look good, they do things and we think they are cool!!

I Turn Pancakes Brown = Air pressure in the pan.

And Make Your Champagne Bubble = Air pressure in the bottle.

If You Squeeze Me, I'll Pop = This refers to the pressure in a bubble, and obviously when you try and squeeze a bubble, it pops.

If You Look At Me, You'll Pop = Sometimes, if you try to face the pressure, you "pop"... Break down, in other words.

Thank you for reading! Hope you liked my answer. :) x
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Wow, these are loads of great answers and all, but I think it is: Television.
On the television before hand they can change the way the polar bear's fur looks.
Sad films, programmes and adverts make you cry.
Men can be aroused by some programmes so they need to go do their business in the toilet.
Girls might comb their hair because there is an advert for concerts, auditions or celerity arrivals.
The television programmes can show celebrities doing stupid stuff, they shouldn't be caught doing.
It also makes every day people look like local heroes or show their accidents, so they have publicity for a few weeks.
In programmes there are cooking shows that can show you how to cook your pancakes.
Normally on Soap opera's they are always drink champagne and stuff.
There are spot adverts, and you see people squeezing their spots.
Sometime there are scary or shocking things that make you jump or 'pop'.
Thanks for reading.
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In my opinion,the answer is simply "no". Most people leave out this part of it: "97% of Harvard graduates can not figure this riddle out, But 84% of kindergarten students were able to figure this out in 6 minutes or less." I think the reason that kindergarten students get this so quickly and harvard students don't is that kindergarten students simply answer the last question, and harvard students over think the riddle and try to find an answer that makes sense.
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It would have to be nothing.
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The riddle is "What am I?"
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I think that the answer is hormones. When polar bears are born they aren't white, as they mature they turn white, hormones. Hormones mess with your emotions, meaning they can make you cry. When a persons hormones kick in, it innfluences thier bladder. It makes girls self-consious, causing them to take intrest in thier apperince, making girls comb thier hair.A celebrity will look stupid if they get pimples and mature oddly. It can make normal people look beautiful, making them look like celebrties. I don't know about the whole pancakes bit. As liquer ages it becomes finer and, or in champane's case more bubbly. If you sqeeze it, it will pop(acne). ANd acne can make some people go crazy and over react,or, if you will, pop. I think I have cracked the riddle. 
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"Nothing" or "No I can't" is the answer.
In the emails it tells you that if you send it out to other people you will get the answer in your inbox.
And obviously you get NOTHING in the inbox
So the answer is NO I CAN'T
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Polar bears fur is clear not white. Suck it. And No I can not guess the riddle
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You're thinking too hard. The questions is asking "Can You Guess The Riddle?" thus answer is a simple "yes" or "no," don't see it asking "What am I?"
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Air? I think it is... Because like, air pressure, temperature and wind all kinda add up =P
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Hahaha! Come on guys!

Its the worlds hardest riddle!

Thats the answer!
Because it says can you guess this riddle.
So there.

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