How To Make Banana Sap Ink?


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Unfortunately I could not find the process on how to make the sap from a banana into ink; however I can tell you that there are only certain types of bananas that are used to produce ink because of the type of sap they produce. Bananas that grow in Polynesia and Hawaii, also known as 'Fehi' bananas, produce a yellowish red or purple-red sap that can be used for ink. Banana plants do not only produce bananas for food but they have other uses as well.

  • Medicine
The honey released from banana flowers are used in various forms of medicine to treat a number of conditions including bronchitis, ulcers, and diabetes. In addition to this, the sap is sometimes used as a cream to apply to hemorrhoids as well as stings and insect bites.

  • Wrappers
In some cases people use the banana leaves found on a banana tree for practical uses. For example, someone may use a banana leaf to wrap their food in for storage purposes or even for cooking reasons. Also, some individuals use the leaves as a form of wrapping material to keep certain items safe while they're packing. In addition, banana leaves are known to be used as wrappers for cigarettes.

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