Is There A Parasite In Both Ends Of A Banana That Can Make You Sick If You Don't Cut It Off?


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The reason people began cutting the ends off the bannana was that during the time in American History when many people were getting polio, people were told to cut the ends off, as the virus might be traveling into America that way.  Of  course, later this was discovered to be not true.
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As far as I can discover this is one of those urban myths that seem to come up from time to time. It's true the little pointed end bits don't taste too good, but it would be interesting if your grandson's teacher could tell the class exactly what the poisonous substance is (I'm guessing s/he isn't a science teacher.)
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My family was having this discussion this morning. My sister in law my wife and I all cut off both ends just in case. My sister in law swears she read somewhere that if the banana had a worm it would be in the end many years ago.

Her son was married a few years ago and his new wife was making fun of him because he was cutting off the ends before eating.

Does anyone know of any info about the worms in the end of the banana.
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As far as I know, there has no research carried out on the said subject. These are old myths which stops you from eating without cutting the ends, but it does not make any difference at all. A lot of people are eating it and there is no attack by the parasites.
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Almost every morning, we make a homemade smoothie. Yum. We buy frozen fruit in a bag, and throw in bananas. Anyways, years ago we used to freeze our bananas, and in the morning, we would throw those in the Vitamix blender. The next morning, we opened the plastic container, and inside one of the bananas, it looked like it exploded, from the inside. Frozen on the inside lid was white worms, and in the center of the exploded banana, was all black with more worms. They were all frozen solid, but it was still sick. My wife and I freaked out, and threw it all away. The bananas were from Chile or some other foreign country, either way we stopped buying that brand. We thought worms must be in bananas, but we have checked online for years, and still can't find anything on it. I hope someone can help, with more info, Please!!!!

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