What Are The Medicinal Properties Of Banana?


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Banana is a loved one fruit all over the world. It is cheaper as well as nutritious and medically beneficial. Different diseases can be treated from it as anemia can be restored because  it has high  iron content. It is also rich in potassium but  low in salt and so works well for blood pressure.Constipation usually gets better because of its high I fibre content,Psychological problems can also be dealt as depression is controlled by tryptophan presence.Other than this it  calms the stomach soothens the post menstrual syndrome and overweight. For further assistance please visit this link.
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The fruit of the banana is rich in potassium, which provides a big boost in heart health. 
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Banana has a lot of medicinal properties. The leaves of the Banana plant are said to boost appetite and taste of food. They are also considered god for eyesight and beauty. The core of the stem is good for stomach troubles. The juice of the stem core is good for diabetes and kidney stones. It is also great for reducing weight and urinary problems. Banana is a supplementary balanced diet for babies. It prevents diarrhea  and worm troubles. It is also good for purification of blood, good digestion and immunity development.

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