How Long Will Mashed Banana Keep In The Fridge?


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Mashed up bananas can be stored in a refrigerator for now longer than 2 to 3 days. If they have been in longer then you must throw them out straight away. They can be kept in the freezer for about a month but you must fully defrost them before you eat them. Do not refreeze the mashed bananas once they have been defrosted.

Below are some guidelines on the best method to mash bananas and how to store them so that they stay fresher for longer.

• Completely peel the banana.
• Cut off the top and bottom and remove any "strings" that are present on the banana. This step is particularly important if you are making baby food.
• Using a fork or spoon, press down on the banana repeatedly until it is completely squashed.

It is also possible to puree bananas in a blender.

• Follow the first two steps previously mentioned by peeling the banana, cutting off the tips and removing strings.
• Use a knife to slice up the banana into small chunks.
• Place in a blender and mix until completely pureed.


• Add a little lemon juice to the bananas when mixing in a blender to stop them from going brown.
• If you are using bananas sliced or pureed for a recipe such as banana bread or a smoothie, then use as soon as possible to avoid them browning.
• For baby food, separate banana into an ice cube tray and cover with Saran wrap before placing in the freezer. Make sure each cube is fully thawed to room temperature before using.
• Make sure each piece is thawed especially if mixing with cereal, breast milk or formula for babies.
• Sugar and cinnamon can be added to mashed bananas for an extra little flavor.
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If you crush banana in a bowl and mix it with flour?, how long can i store it for and where do i store it?

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I would use an airtight container like Ziplock or Tupperware.
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thank you so much, if there was a mix like e.g pancae mix can you do the same for banana storage wise??
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Oh certainly! I've often stored pancake batter in the refrigerator. Banana pancakes would keep too.

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