How Long Can You Keep Cooked Vegetables In Refrigerator?


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Do not go by smell, taste, appearance. Toxins are odourless and tasteless according to Food Standards Agency. Do not keep food left out for more than 1-2hrs, keep food by cooling as quickly as possible and/or putting straight into refrigerate. Hot food is fine in the fridge, just cover it and keep from other food. With large amounts, dividing into smaller portions is advised. 2-3days is the maximum in the fridge that I hear consistently, but I would try to keep it to 2days, otherwise freeze some portions. When cooking frozen portions, cook from frozen rather than thawing.
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Upto 3 days but must completely covered tight as the risk of bacteria like salmonella will get in and make you ill. I should know I worked in kitchens for years and worked for the army.
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A good guideline for any stored prepared or cooked foods in the refrigerator is 3 days. If Its not used up by then, then throw it out. Better to be safe than sorry. Raw veggies can last a lot longer than cooked veggies. If you don't think you can use leftovers up within 3 days, then freeze them. It only takes a few minutes to thaw them out when you are ready to use them.
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You can keep it about two days.
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I would say about 5 or 6 days. Give them the sniff test. If they smell off don't eat them. I think it's ridiculous to say cooked vegetables could last 2 weeks. No way.
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If the vegetables are fresh and have been cooked at home, they can be kept safe in the refrigerator for a very short period of time that is between three and five days. In the state of California on the west coast of the United States of America, bacteriologists have pinpointed the role of three main types of bacteria in the majority of food poisoning cases which are caused by invasive bacteria. These three types of food-poisoning bacteria are campylobacter, salmonella and shigella.
Another common cause of bacterial food poisoning is a type of bacteria which is known as Staph aureus. The dangerous E. coli 0157:H7 is found in ground beef which has been undercooked and contaminated and also in those vegetables and fruits which have been contaminated. This type of bacteria also causes a very small number of cases of food poisoning. However each case of food poisoning is important and must not be ignored. It must be treated as soon as possible, because this strain of E. coli can cause kidney failure in children.
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I have kept cooked collards, chard etc for up to 5 days in fridge,
no problem at all.
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Cooked vegetables that are packed very well can go for at least 3 days. After that people do not know it doesn't have the same nutrients. If it's not packed very well at least 1 1/2 day.
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Bacteria is order-less.  Do not trust your nose.  
Refrigerated food should not be used after 3 days.   If you don't use it right away, freeze it.
Food left out should be tossed after 2 hours.
Cooked vegetables depends on the type of cooking, if it is a Indian or Thai curry they stay for a longer time. If the veggies are made with a sweet and sour sauce chinese style they may stay for a lesser number of days.

It would be safe to say 4 days for curries and 2 days for rest of the dishes like continental, chinese, mexican cuisine.
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You can keep them as long as two weeks only if they are thoroughly packed and there is no smell which can go inside the vegetables. For two weeks and even more, they are good to eat.

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