How To Dry Papaya, After Having A Glut Of Nearly Ripe Fruit?


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Ever try dehydrating fruit? It is an easy process, but takes a bit of time. After throughly washing the outside of your fruit ( I suggest a natural detergent as many germs and bacteria live on the outside of fruit; once the knife slices through the fruit, these organisims invade the juicy eating parts) peel and slice into pieces not more than 1/3 in. in thickness. Place the fruit on a baking sheet. I prefer to cover all baking surfaces with parchment paper. Set the oven at 200 degrees and place the fruit on a middle rack for up to 8 hours. Dehydration is a slow process of pulling out moisture at a controlled and gradual rate. Should you become impatient and increase the heat, burning most likely will result. If you prefer your fruit to be less dry, remove prior to the time suggested. While this method is rather easy and requires little tending, a glance at the oven every hour is recommended. Enjoy this most healthy method of preserving and enjoying fruit year round!

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