How Do You Tell If You Have A Good Ripe Melon?


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I say funny. I had a good laugh,
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You thump it for the sound! Then grandpa would cut a small plug out and with brewer's yeast he'd put yeast and sugar over and over then put the plug back and in a warm corner 2 days, over and over! When it got soft and then strain it out!
Ever heard the song? "Sweet Watermelon Wine"!
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Very funny. Wayne says, just by looking. He sees 2 great ones. Lol
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I did see where a user reported my answer. Should do a little background, I also have watermelon, and several types of peppers this year.
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You squeeze them Nomad.
If they feel soft then you know they're ripe.
This only works for certain kinds of melons though.

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