What Is The Average Size Of A Cantaloupe?


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The cantaloupe is a thick-skinned melon which is native to Italy.

The flesh is usually a pinky-orange color, and the skin is rough to touch and has a “netted” appearance.

How Much Does A Cantaloupe Weigh?
Cantaloupe melons are harvested when they’re ripe, not when they reach a particular size. Because of this, their weight can vary quite dramatically.

A small cantaloupe may only weigh 4 lbs, whereas a larger one might weigh up to 9 lbs.

How Big Is A Cantaloupe Melon?
The size of cantaloupe melons varies just as much as their weight. The diameter of a cantaloupe can be anything from 4” to 7”!

What Are Cantaloupes Good For?
Due to their high amount of nutrients and low amount of calories, cantaloupes are usually considered to be good for people trying to lose weight.

They’re full of water, too, so they’re a great summer snack that’ll stop you getting dehydrated.

However, cantaloupes are pretty high in sugar, so you probably shouldn’t eat them every day!

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