Does Fruit Taste Better From A Supermarket Or A Farmer's Market?


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Apples & oranges are so much better from a farmers market. Grapes too.
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I find that apples and oranges and grapefruit tastes better at the supermarket.
Mangoes, peaches melons and canteloupes tastes awesome from farmers market.
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I usually buy about four pounds of corn every year from a local farmer... That should say which I prefer.
Husk it, Boil it, Butter & Salt it, bag and freeze it for winter.
You'll taste summer in December when you have this with a turkey or ham for the holiday seasons.
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I Am A Fiend For Apples And Bananas. I LOOOVE Red Delicious Apples. I Buy Both Of These At  A Farmer's Market Because It's Much Cheaper And It Hasn't Been Handled By 50 People I Hope.. I've Gotten Watermelon There Too. Out In Fresh Air Is How They Came To Be Anyway  Right?? No Wax On Farmer's Market Apples. They Put Wax On The Grocery Ones To Make Them Appear Shinier.. You Have To Wash Off Apples From a Grocery Store
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Jewelly A. Shetka
Ever try a Honey Crisp apple?
Yummy!!! First time I ever had
one I was in Washington state.
Joan commented
Syron 9, I agree with you complete. The honey crisp apple is the best apple I have ever eaten. Unfortunately, here in Texas, they are pretty expensive and are not available all year long. They are sooo good!!
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Farmer's Market.  
Fruit for a supermarket is picked still a bit green,
they travel better like that.  That's why peaches
and pears are usually rock-hard (and bananas are
more green than yellow).
Farmers don't do that for their own sales.  
The fruit/veggies are picked when they are ripe,
not before.
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William Harkin answered
Oh the farmer's market every time Keith.Supermarket fruit is always unripe when you buy it,then it's only fit for the recycling bin before you know it.
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Fruit from a farmers market is always better, it hasn't been touched by every man alive, it hasn't been rushed down an assembly line, and it just tastes better.
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This is a no brainer, a farmers market! Everything is home grown, veggies, fruits, as opposed to imported food that has been known to make people sick!!
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I much prefer the Farmers Market - BUT- here in Texas not all of our produce from the Farmers Market is locally grown.  They import a lot of it from other states and therefore, you are just as well off getting it at the grocery store and often that produce is cheaper at the store.  The key is to ask.  Most will tell you if it is brought in from Mexico or California (or wherever).  Most of the people at the Farmers Market seem to be honest in that regard.  Overall, I buy most of my produce in the summer at the Farmers Market.
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Supermarket taste better because it costs less, expensive stuff just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when it could have been purchased for less.
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I think farmers rule and I have a example. Whn I go to my village the fruits and vegetable taste are different and they tasty very awesome.

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