Why does coke in glass bottles taste better than coke in cans or plastic bottles?


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It's all psychological. For instance, I've always preferred my soft drinks in a glass bottle. So, when offered a soda in a glass bottle, I always says. Yet, when I'm offered a poured, canned, or plastic bottle soda, I tend to hesitate more. It all depends upon your preference as the consumer.

Now, personally I think there's a reason why the majority prefer glass bottle cokes over plastic bottles or cans. I think that COLD glass bottles taste better because the glass serves as one giant piece of ice surrounding the soda.

This is just an opinion, but I hope this helped.


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Yo Kass
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I definitely think there's a psychological element. Have you ever tried drinking coke from a bottle with no label? I swear that alters the taste too!
Noah Green
Noah Green commented
Pahaha! Now, I've got to try it!
Adila Adila
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I tried to open the glass bottle ones once...I didn't have a corkscrew (is that what you call them) and....well I smashed the glass and the coke went everywhere ....:D
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It's not all psychological:


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