Can I Store Alcohol In Plastic Bottles?


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Mark Henderson answered
Yes, it should be totally fine, as most plastics are chemically inert- meaning that will not react with the alcohol.

Alcohol is also a great antiseptic so there should be no problem with bacterial growth inside a sealed plastic container.

Alcohol in plastic bottles.
  • The higher the content of alcohol then the longer you should be able to store it. Hard spirits such as whiskey and vodka will last much longer than if you store wine or beer after they've been decanted into a plastic bottle.
  • Make sure that the plastic bottle you are going to store alcohol in is properly cleaned beforehand, or else the alcohol could react with any impurities left in the bottle, resulting in a rather sour taste!
So why isn't more alcohol sold in plastic bottles?

  • Plastic does not create the same seal as glass, meaning that alcohol will go off quicker in a plastic bottle compared to if it were in glass or an aluminium can.
  • Also glass is favoured over plastic for marketing purposes. Selling wine or liquors in glass bottles feels much more "classy" than if you were to purchase it in a plastic container. 
  • Some companies sell alcohol in plastic bottles, but these are in the minority.
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I have always thought that storing alcohol in plastic containers might have some kind of a reaction which would make the content inedible. However, after this clarification, it would be really handy should we have any leftovers after an occasion. We used to dispose off any leftover alcohol because glass containers are just too dangerous and messy if broken (we have kids running around). So now we can transfer them to plastic bottles instead.

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