Does Organic Fruit Taste Better Than Non-organic Ones?


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It is a matter of opinion and individual taste; if one is used to a certain taste since childhood one may find the same products tasting differently. In case of fruits organic ones are supposed to be more in harmony with their natural taste rather than those that have been ripened using artificial means; for example bananas artificially ripened appear yellow from outside but their taste is noticeably bland as compared to those grown organically which may appear greenish from the exterior, fruits like oranges and grapes grown organically are found to be more juicy.

Another factor is freshness, as organic fruits have not been sprayed with large amounts of insecticides and artificial preservatives they have a shorter shelf life and as a result may not taste good if they are stale as compared to non-organic fruits stored for a similar period of time. Products like juices and jams made from organic fruits too taste differently as they contain very little or no preservatives.

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