Why Do People Eat Fast Food?


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Food that is supplied quickly after placing an order with minimal service is often referred to as fast-food.

Although fast food is widely criticized for its high calorie content and perceived poor quality, it is eaten by millions of people every year.

The reasons behind the popularity of fast food range from convenience through to brand familiarity.

Whilst there are certainly negative consequences of eating certain types of fast food, there is nothing to say that the concept of fast food in itself is necessarily bad.

The reasons people eat fast food Love it or loathe it, fast food is certainly very popular. The fast food industry is thought to be worth a staggering $1.5 billion in the US alone.

Based on this, there must be something fundamentally appealing about fast food that makes it so popular. In my opinion, the main reasons people eat fast food are:
  • Economically priced food
  • Speed and efficiency of service
  • Brand familiarity
  • Representative of popular cuisine

The fast food economy One of the main reasons people flock to fast food restaurants is because they are often seen as an economic and hassle-free way to enjoy a meal.

The way fast food chains keep their prices relatively low is by producing their food on a large scale. This reduces the cost of purchasing and preparing the food, and means that they can afford to charge relatively-low prices whilst still maintaining a significant profit margin.

There is a lot of criticism out there aimed at the way the fast food industry is run. One particular target of contempt is the wage structure of many fast food companies- where executives and owners of companies earn huge sums, whilst many of their employees work for a minimum hourly rate.

Speed of fast food By mass-producing a relatively small menu, fast food restaurants are able to provide warm meals very quickly without encountering a significant loss through wastage. The idea of being able to order at a counter, receive your meal within seconds, and not have to worry about waiting to be seated, served or asking for a cheque means that fast food restaurants are often the first choice for many diners who are in a rush.

Fast food brands The branding of fast food chains is a major factor in their success. Imagine being out on the road, or wondering about an unfamiliar town or country. If you're looking for somewhere to eat, you may want to play it safe and stick to what you know.

Fast food companies have built an industry of making sure they are 'what we know' through aggressive advertising and marketing strategies. Essentially, knowing what you're going to get from a fast food brand means you are more likely to pick them over a competitor you don't know anything about.

From a customers point of view, it is useful to know that you can count on a fast food restaurant to provide certain things. Advantages that familiarity of a fast food restaurant includes:
  • Familiarity with the menu
  • Child-friendly environment
  • Ability to easily estimate the cost of a meal through knowledge of their pricing
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People eat poorly for a number of reasons, but there are two main reasons why I believe that they tend to eat junk food, even though they know that it is not good for them and also potentially doing them harm.

The first is that junk food is available: It's present, it's around, it's easy to pick up, I could get a sugary soda drink and a chocolate bar without treading a hundred footsteps from my front door.

If you look at any shop, the junk food is on display, because it's no good for us and the sugar industries really need us to keep eating that sweet gunk.

Sugar is addictive. Try coming off a chocolate habit: You'll get cranky, have headaches, mood swings, cravings, as if you had a minor addiction. The sweet industry survives on that addiction.
And then we give those things to our kids and happily get them addicted too, doesn't seem right.
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Fast foods are for people who are extremely busy and do not have the luxury of time to prepare their own meals. This foods are also easy to serve and good for people who are already famished.
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1.) It's good.

2.) I like the idea that I'm paying someone else's bills, even though I'm only one customer out of thousands that they get every day.

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I think nowadays people prefer to eat fast food to save their time. For instance, many workers around the world just have half an hour rest.

It is easy to go to a fast food restaurant and eat or take food with them to their office, because there are no time to go home and have a traditional lunch with the family. Furthermore maybe the wife is at work.

There are other point, most adults can't cook, so they just go to eat fast food.
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people enjoy runing thier bodies with bad food.

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Because and lot of us don't know how to cook that good so we get the next what we think best thing fast food, are maybe we are just  tried of cooking so we take the easy way out fast food.
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While that is true, we can break the chain. Let's not buy it. Let's just use it as a reward. Adults should reward themselves too. But not all good things done should be rewarded; only those rare ones like helping a stranger in an awkward situation or keep candy for other people that might need it in case of hypoglycaemia.

I always have candy in my pocket so that I could easily hand it over to someone I meet in public that's having a hypoglycaemia attack. (Hypoglycaemia is when a diabetic person has an extremely low sugar in their system due to too much insulin injected into them.)
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Just because they don't have time to make proper meal for own. The one thing fast food is available everywhere and delieverd fast than meal.This is for those people whose so busy in business life and they don't have even time for eat something so it takes less time to order and to eat.Most of the peoples like junk food.

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Probably 2-3 times a week since I go to college early in the morning and work long hours at night. I dont have enough time to cook breakfest or dinner so I might have to go to dunkin donuts in the morning or Mcdonalds at night to eat. And no Im not fat lol. I have a very high metabolism and work out on the weekends. Im really hungry all the time, though.

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People eat fast food, because, as the name says, it’s fast! If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to prepare your own meal, then you will often opt for fast, convenient food. Just stop by the store, make an order and receive the food 5 minutes later.

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Because , its name itself defines its introduction which is that making of fast food takes no time.It can be cooked easily.

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Some  people  don't   look  at  things  that  way
They  would  rather  eat  junk  food  than  they
wonder  why   they  get sick  and  don't  feel good
Well   theres  the   answer  ,  don't  eat  junk  food
Eat  healthy  foods  lol
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There has been extensive reporting of the effects that the fast-food culture is having on modern society. It is apparent that the current obesity epidemic, which is increasing in both the UK and US, has been fuelled by the convenience of food from outlets such as McDonalds. It is becoming less popular amongst more healthy persons to want to enjoy fast food with the controversial press and media focus on the side effects of the food this industry supply.

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