Why Do Cannibals Eat People?


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Cause there stupid. They have a mental problem. The fraze "taste like chicken" dosent mean you eat everything and say taste like chicken. A real monster would eat them I don't care what excuse you have like 'the devil made me' not workin sista. Or brotha. You should be given the death penalty. Thats my opinion
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Because they are crazy and have a lot of mental issues they need to be kept away from the rest of the  population.
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Cannibalism or eating of human flesh is a horrible thing to think about. Yet it has existed as a practice among certain people and may exist among some primitive tribes. The first thing we must understand is that cannibals did not eat human flesh because the liked it. They ate it because it was a part of a sacred rite, a kind of religious observance.

Many primitive tribes believe that they acquire the traits and spirits of whatever they eat. If they eat lion they will be lionhearted, if they eat deer they will be able to run faster like a deer.

Among other primitive peoples it was the custom to eat a criminal who had been condemned to death not the man who died his physical natural death. The reason for this was that they believed that a criminal had offended the gods. Therefore they had to be sacrificed to the gods to satisfy them. Since it was the practice to eat or taste sacrifices the gods, this had to be done even if the sacrifice was a human.

No one is quite sure how many cannibal tribes still exist. Some authorities think there are none while some believe that there are still some cannibal tribes existing.
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They only keep in woods when some one comes in the woods they humans they can't come out the woods
they are so ugly

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