Why Do People Wait In Line At A Fast Food Drive Through Rather Than Go Inside And Order?


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That's the question I always ask myself, too! What the heck....are you THAT lazy? Sometimes I park, go inside, come out with my food, and the same cars are still in line. I think yours is a great question. Pretty soon they'll be waiting in line for someone to spoon-feed them.
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Yes, laziness is probably the #1 factor, but there may be several more.  Maybe you have been cleaning all day, are sweaty, your hair is a mess, no makeup and going in somewhere is the LAST thing you want to do!  So you go through the drive-thru....or you may have just left work for the day, are tired, it's getting dark and you don't want to cook anything for dinner.  Bingo...take out fast food, drive-thru!
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What hasn't been mentioned yet, is the fact that some folks in the drive-through line are physically challenged, to the point where parking the car and hobbling to the door, then standing in line is just too physically exhausting for them.  Sitting down while waiting in line is preferable for them, and that is why some "lazy" folks (like me, with arthritis) prefer the drive-through lanes.
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While I agree with what you say, my belief is that they have a phone to their ear and it is quieter
in their vehicle, than on the inside.
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That makes a lot of sense, also.
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Cause they dont want to hear all the noise and crap in the restaurant
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Yes I am that lazy... If it is called fast food it should be fast food... Why then am I waiting in a line? Someone on the clock must be screwing around LOL
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Sometimes because the lines are too big in the restaurant and its noisy and gross inside too.

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