Can You Drink Chicken Bouillon Or Chicken Broth While On Phase One Of Hcg Diet?


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I just started my first date on the hcg on sunday, when I weight myself tuesday morning was 2pounds less but then I weight again at night when I got home and gained the same pounds, and I believed this happened because on tuesday I ate cabbage soup all day, and I made it with organic chicken broth, so I don't think you should use it..good luck to you!!!  I weight myself again this morning and lost 1 pound.  You really need to pay attention what makes you gain weight, an then change it.. I'm not planing to use it again...
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Most chicken broth contains a TON of sodium which will make you retain water. I'd guess thats why you gained 2lbs over night.
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A 1.5 ounce shot has 100 calories in it. However, most people mix rum with coke. The coke has about 330ml of coke has 139 calories. So each rum and Coke is 239 calories. Remember rum is made from sugar cane so the saturated fat content is high. Also are you talking about white light or dark rum? Light and dark rum are higher in calorie content do to the fact that more sugar is burned in the drink to give it the darker color. I suggest you Atkins diet foods through this you get more results about what can you eat on the Atkins diet .

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I'm not so sure about cancer, but I do know that lip, tongue, and facial piercings heighten the chances of getting Alzheimer's disease. Hope that helps
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You should only weigh yourself first thing in the morning. Never in the night after drinking and eating that day. On the broth I am looking for that answer b/c I made chicken soup with celery, broth. And chicken.

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