Can Lemon Juice Make Men Sterile? What Other Stuff In Our Daily Lives Can Make Men Sterile?


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Have a vasectomy or don't have sex. Bottom line.
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My mother used  to always say that sitting 2 close to the TV makes you sterile. But she might've  just been makeing that up, lol.
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Bill Burns answered
Quick answer: NO!

Lemon juice has been used in some regions as a natural
contraceptive, as it's acidity is thought to bolster the vagina's
acidity and aid in the termination of sperm life. Women would actually put lemon juice in the cervix prior to sexual activity. THIS IS NOT PROVEN TO
BE SAFE!! IN fact, it may harm the woman and leave her more susceptible
to infections.

That being said, lemon juice will NOT sterilize a
man.  Nothing I know of, beyond surgery and reproductive damage, will
'sterilize' a man. Their are numerous factors for reduction in sperm
quality, but most of them would have to be medically diagnosed.

Worried about your sperm?  See a doctor and have your fertility examined.

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