Can You Get Thick By Eating Foods With A Lot Of Protein?


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You gain mass by eating protein AND exercising.See an advosir at a local fitness club. That is what they do. They can help you out.
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It depends on your calorie intake and your activity level. Your body type and genetics have a lot to do with how you process the food you eat. You need to talk to a trainer that is also a dietitian/nutritionist.
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definite wow on that Nomad, sounds like you have some experience.
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not especially but i remember watching the guy that won the ironman triathalon he could eat up to and beyond 6000 calories a day while working out for it. ever since then i watch shows where people change their lives by eating right and exercise . and i learn a lot from them. do you remember a guy called (DR.)franco columbo that use to hang around with arnold swarzinnager he was also a body builder specializing in fitness and nutrition.
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You need to maintain a high protein diet and excersize especially weight lifting to put on muscle.

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