Why don't drinks spill when an airplane banks?


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Hi Robb, usually we've scoffed them all down and been given notice that the plane's descending to land....and there's a special place for drinks, down the hatch....the pilot lands slow and smooth, if he's good at it. What would you do if the weather was turbulent, and you're drink was slopping all over the place, surely dump it get rid of it, drink it quickly or secure it in the place right in front of you. Anyway, they stop serving drinks .....approaching banks. Cheers!
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Liquid seeks it's own level as the glass tilts even if the glass was glued to the table the liquid would pour out since there is no top to hold it in the container. Technically the the container was moved pouring out the liquid. In other words if the glass moved as the liquid did it would never spill.
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Thak you, John. I suppose the turns that occur mid-flight are gradual enough so the liquis levels off but does not spill out of the cup. If the turn were big enough and there were enough liquid in the cup, it like would pour out.
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Pirates didn't like their drink to spill way back when either. : )

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