Which Drinks Help Your Mouth After Eating Spicy Foods?


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The reason certain foods are spicy is mainly do to a molecule called
capsaicin. Capsaicin is the main compound in chile peppers that give them their spice and is found in many hot sauces as well. Capsaicin is an irritant, which is what causes the burning feeling.

In order to reduce the burning sensation, eat fatty foods such as buttered toast or drinks like milk. Capsaicin is not soluble in water, so drinking water won't help to reduce the burning sensation after you stop drinking. Capsaicin is very soluble in pure al cohol, so drinking certain high al cohol content b eers, like pale ales, or wine should help a little be more than plain water. Even better yet, mouth wash is usually about 20% al cohol, which is much higher
than all b eer and wines. Rinsing with this may be your best and quickest bet.

So I've Read.

Good luck with the science fair! And Don't use al cohol in the project, that was included for reference only :)
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Milk or better yet ice cream, the higher the fat content the better, they help remove the capsaicinoids which are found in peppers. Also sugar, I hear it works faster then the milk.
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Milk has always worked for me I got a hold of a hot pepper one day and I had some milk and it cooled my mouth down right away
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From my personal experiences water does absolutely nothing at all to help , milk would be my suggestion also :)
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You could blend lemon with the skin on-hence it will take away the spiciness. The oil from the lemon skin when blend will however take away the chilli from your tongue.
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Anything sweet, and I find dairy products such as a yoghurt or milk help. Failing this, a slice of bread with some tomato ketchup helps.
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Those are good picks and should show some differences.  A suggestion would be to keep the drinks at close to room temperature.  The other is to run the trials in more than one sequence and more than one time since you can get sensory over load easily with this type of experiment.


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