How Many Drinks Per Hour Can You Have And Not Be Legally Drunk?


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The legality about whether you are a drunk or not is not decided by how many drinks you are taking per hour but it is decided by the percentage of alcohol present in your blood.

When you are in the country of UK the legal limit for a person to be legally declared a drunk is more than eighty milligrams of alcohol in the hundred millilitres of blood. If you are under this percentage then the authorities feel that you can handle your chores quite well and you are not required to face any legal repercussions.

The authorities have their own reason to declare you a drunken man because when you are in the effect of alcohol you can not think well and will also feel too confident to do any task. It is for this reason they declare a person as drunk and impose restrictions on them.
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There are many variables in the number of drinks per hour you can have and not be legally drunk. Females tend to filter out alcohol much slower then males. The more fat tissue you have, the faster you get rid of it. And if you admit to an officer that you have been drinking at all, then you are under the influence, no matter how much you had. DWI is being legally drunk, DUI is only under the influence so, it does not matter, you can get a ticket, be arrested and go to jail after one beer if you get caught. Best not to do it at all. Get a cab or something.
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