How Did The Custom Of Saying Cheers Before Having Drinks Originate?


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The custom of saying cheers followed by the clinking of glasses is an age old one. It is a social ritual observed especially by the British in social gatherings or while drinking with close friends. The custom is commonly believed to be associated with the sound made by the glasses when they clink together a sound similar to the sound made by bells.

It was supposed that the sound of clinking glasses would scare away the devil; the devil was believed to be present at festive activities. Also it was believed that alcohol contained evil spirits and to clink the glasses and say cheers would rid the drinks of the spirits.

According to some people drinks can be fully enjoyed only when they involve all the senses. The bouquet or aroma of the wine involves the sense of smell, the color involves the sight, the drinking of the wine involves the senses of taste and touch while saying cheers and the clinking of glasses involves the auditory (hearing) sense.

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The custom originated in India long long back, when kings of princely states clinked their glasses to make sure some drink spilled over to the other glasses. This ritual guaranteed them that their drink was not poisoned.
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Cheers, the term originated in 16th century Ireland, the intention is toast. At that time the Irish drinkers, there is such a habit, put a piece of toast into a glass of whiskey or beer in order to improve the alcohol and the removal of impure alcohol. By the 18th century, the "Cheers" is the meaning of the word only today, and congratulations to develop into a community tribute. Cheers, people often have to clink with each other, it is said that the church bell with the same meaning, in order to ward of evil spirits.

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