What Is The Difference Between Hypotonic And Isotonic Fitness Drinks?


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The difference is basically in how concentrated the fluids are in relation to your body's fluids.

This actually determines how fast the body will absorb the liquid. After exercising, it can be important to re-hydrate the body very quickly!

What's the difference between hypotonic and isotonic drinks?
Hypotonic drinks are less concentrated than the body's fluids, so they are absorbed more quickly than any other fluid. So, if you have been exercising at the 'extreme point' of your fitness level, you may well need a hypotonic drink.

Isotonic drinks are absorbed fairly quickly by the body, so they are useful if heavy exercising has been done, but the re-hydration does not need to be as quick as if extreme exercise has been done.

Are there any other types of sports drink?
The other type of fitness drinks are hypertonic drinks. These are more concentrated than body fluids and are absorbed more slowly. They are sometimes called energy drinks because they have a high carbohydrate content and can help elevate the blood sugar again.

Although these beverages are designed to help professional athletes who have high rates of physical exertion, many of these drinks now represent big business for drink manufacturers.

In fact, certain brands have been accused of targeting consumers by claiming to have benefits that the average person simply would not experience.

For example, although certain drinks might help combat fatigue in an over-exerting sprinter, they are unlikely to fight tiredness affecting someone who isn't as active.

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