Do You Drink Redbull?


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I love it so much
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patty reece answered
I don't but my gosh my daughter every time you see her she has one in her hand I sure wish I could find them cheap I would sell them to her lol! My gosh she thinks she can not go on without her redbull I am sure half her salary is for redbulls personally I do not care for the taste.
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Samantha answered
I don't, I have smelled it, and it doesn't smell very good, and it isn't very good for you, all those bad sugars......
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I don't, but I do like a monster, or a rockstar on occasion, but I get easily hooked, so I have to avoid them.
Lisa Marie Halsey Muniz Profile
I don't.  I dont like energy drinks.  I think they taste odd.  But my fiance likes them and occasionally drinks them when he has too work 2 shifts in a row=16 hour shifts.  I don't know how he does it, but he says they help.  I don't like my kids to drink them either.  Maybe when they are older, I just don't think they are all that good for you even though they say some are.
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No but I drink many others such as red jack and amp which are better for you and taste better
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natalie johnson answered
I drink the Red Bull Cola. All the ingredients are natural. There is not one thing in the ingredients that you can't pronounce and that you don't know what it is. It is the best cola on the market. Not a bunch of crap in it that is in every other cola on the market.

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