Do You Drink Flavored Water Or Plain?


11 Answers

Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
Both, if I drink it at all, it rusts the pipes you know!!! LOL Really, I drink mine with a little raspberry flavor.
Pat Merrifield Profile
Pat Merrifield answered
Just plain water for me.
Charming Gurl Profile
Charming Gurl answered
I like plain water.. I mean its natural :P
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I love the grape vitamin water, or plain water with a squirt of lemon in it. 
moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
I like flavored water, but it is healthier to go plain so I usually go with plain unless in a long car ride!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I accidentally bought a flavored water when they first came out. After spitting out the first mouthful, I threw it away and bought a plain.

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