Can You Get Drunk Off Of Energy Drinks?


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No, there is no alcohol in it, and you could be in real danger if you drink more than 1 in a few hours. It raises the heart rate, and if the heart is going too fast, then you can go into arrhythmia, and that is life threatening! So, please don't do that. Hope this helps.
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No theres zero alcohol in it. But its extremely unhealthy to drink more then two a day.
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Aaron Brown answered
You may die of a heart attack if you drink too many but you cannot get drunk... And hey tiggersmom
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Tyler Sawyer answered
No but you sure can get sick
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If you get an energy drink that has alcohol yes.But regular drinking of red bull,monster and such will not, they will give you what is called a sugar high and you will get excited because of the caffieine in it,so yes it is possible but not with normal energy drinks.

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