Can i get drunk off a bottle off a big bottle of wkd,little bottle of smirnoff,little bottle of breezer,6 shots of cherry sourz,half a bottle of lambrini.4 shots of vodka?


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You could also be very sick - nothing like having a good time huh?
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Is this a real question? Of course you'd get drunk.. All that could cause alcohol poisoning... Which of course is dangerous! But yeah, I think anyone with common sense would know what kind of damage that much alcohol would do. Just sayin... Don't drink that much all at once.. Try drinking all of that within like 3 months and not in one night;)
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You most definitely can. I wouldn't suggest drinking all that at one sitting  though. I can almost Guarantee you'll vomit if you drink all that in less than a 2-3 hour time frame.  What separates us Adults from young adults and teens is mature drinkers don't drink to prove how much they can handle. They do it to feel the effects, loosen up, relax and have a good time.. Cmon am I right or what?  We've all been there.  When kids try to outdrink each other.  It's pointless and someone almost always thorws up. Not pretty at all.  Another point I'd like to make is when someone does have "one to many" and starts vomitting Mature adults will be concerned and try and help anyway possible while younger drinkers will make fun of them and start drawing obscene things on them.
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The bottle of WKD is enough by itself and as a former Uni student I speak from experience.That combo will get you very drunk, very hungover and a nice little holiday in Casualty lol.

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