How Much Sugar Is In A Bottle Of White Wine?


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Unfortunately, this information is not readily available.

Upon a search of the internet it seems that white wine does not list any sugar quantity on the wine bottle label. While it has carbohydrates, white wine is said to have 0% sugar in the bottle. The same is true for red wine. The internet did show that dessert wines have 8% sugar in a glass of wine. This means you need to find out the amount of servings in dessert wine to find out how much is in the bottle with regards to the amount of sugar.

If you are not asking for caloric reasons, then you may wish to visit a library or bookstore to find a book on wine making. The sugar content in grapes is low when it comes to wine making. Most individuals who make wine use a percentage of the amount of alcohol to decide on the desired amount of sugar that should go into the wine.

According to this site 2 cups of sugar should be used to make a cheap wine. This is if you are going to make the wine at home with a small amount of grapes and actual wine content. It is based on using juice as the primary ingredient over that of grapes. So, you can have just about any flavor of wine based on the type of juice you want to use. The site walks you through the steps from fermentation and to the time, the wine is ready to drink. At the final stages when the wine is ready to drink most of the sugar will have been absorbed during the process leaving little sugar in the caloric intake.

Other wine making processes may call for more or less sugar. It just depends on what it is made with.

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