What Is The Caloric Value Of Wine?


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Most of the calories contained in alcoholic beverages come from its alcohol content. Higher the content of alcohol, higher is the calorie count.  According to numerous sources on the internet, pure alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. The calories in wine come solely from its alcohol and sugar content since it contains zero fat and zero saturated fats. Therefore caloric content of wine depends upon on the alcohol and sugar it contains, which differs for different varieties.  Sweet wines contain more calories as compared to dry table wines. According to nutritional data form U.S. Department of Agriculture a standard serving of dry red or white wine contains 125 calories.  Below are a few website links which can be used to search caloric information for all sorts of wines.  • www.annecollins.com  • www.nutracheck.co.uk    Secondly the formula given below can also be used to calculate calories in a specific variety of wine. Provided the percentage of alcohol contained in that wine and the amount you're consuming in ounces is known.    1.6 x alcohol %age x oz in a glass    So for those who are lovers of wines the good news is that one glass of wine a day is fine but drinking a whole bottle of wine every night is certainly not recommended!!

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